Writing a dissertation

A dissertation is an author’s research and findings presented as a document in support of one’s candidature for an academic program or other professional qualification. It is mainly applied for doctorate programs. In some countries, it is the same as a thesis.

The components of a dissertation include (1)Title page (2)The Abstract (3) Table of contents (4)The Body. The body has many components including Introduction, the literature review and the results. It has a bibliography and then finally, the reference section. Dissertations try to explain their purpose, the methodologies applied and the research findings. In the introduction part, one seeks to introduce the topic, giving explanations as to why he chose that subject.

In the literature review section, one must review the relevant literature to add weight to his basis of argument. In the methodology section, one seeks to explain how he plans to execute the research and why he plans to use such tools of execution. In the results (findings) section, one outlines the outcomes of his research.

The results are further analyzed and discussed in detail using facts from literature review at the Analysis and discussion section. Then finally, there is the conclusion part where one summarizes his research findings.

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