Working environment



The current 21 st century’s world is characterized by rapid changing of the nature of a working environment which therefore requires highly skilled, flexible and knowledgeable workers who are adoptive to rapid changes. This therefore deems staff training and development a necessary step as a strategy in management.  The key responsibility of any manager is to develop the staff in a way that it will encourage their growth and career development. This research will show you how this process is a shared responsibility between the organization, the manager and the employee. it will also attempt to  out lay  the various categories of training according to  their respective organizational levels  that is; management, career development , basic skills, technical skills,  professional skills and supervisory skills.        ( Martins, 2010).

From the data collected, from different organizations, reasons for employee training which in this case include training them about a specific concept or skill, part of the overall professional programme, piloting the operation of a new development management and to bench mark the status of improvement. Topics necessary for training commonly are: communication, computer skills, diversity and ethics whose importance will be justified in this piece of research.

The general benefits an organization enjoys from employee training may include the: increased job satisfaction and hence motivation of the employees, increased efficiency and hence output, increased capacity to adopt to knew technology, enhanced ethics, reduced turnover and risk management, these will also be evaluated in this research paper (Martins, 2010).



Problem statement

What are the impacts of training and developing employees on their performance?

The dependent variable in this case will be the workers input in terms of time while the independent variables will be their output in terms of production, sales, service, feed back, risk avoidance, turnover rate, efficiency and motivational factors (Ismael 2009).


Background of the problem

Many organizations have reported losses in form of money and dignity due to problems associated with staffs’ inadequate skills in their operations. This is mostly explicit in safety and risk management areas where staff members, due to little knowledge on risk management, become victims or organizational accidents. Due to the fast rate of technological growth there is need to train workers on how to adopt to new changes for the organization to maintain an optimum production and attain a competitive edge ( Martins, 2010). Work ethics like gender sensitivity, nepotism, harassment and sexual abuse can costs a company great ordeal when reported, so managers find it wise to communicate these issues through training. Most of the machinery and equipment are facing obsolescence due to the introduction of high performance, automated and relatively more efficient ones. A need to train workers on how to use them is then deemed necessary (Ismael 2009).

Research design

Good research will definitely be both qualitative and quantitative.

Data will be collected through questionnaires which will be filled by randomly selected staff members in different organizational levels.

Qualitative data will be encoded and   analyzed by finding their, mean or average, co relations and use of distribution curve.

Expected results

Collected data which will later be analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively to show deferent relationships between training and development and the workers’ welfare and organizations output. The object of data collection for  staff members  from different organizations from various  levels operational and organizational levels (computer application safety and risk management being  among the important operations) is to show their output in terms of production, sales , feed back, risk avoidance , turnover rate , efficiency and motivational factors( Martins, 2010).

Positive correlation between workers inputs and outputs will therefore mean that training and development of workers has a positive impact on the entire organization whose magnitude will be depicted by positive quantitative results.


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