When Helping Hurts: and Half the Sky Research Paper

Prior to the first day of class the following books must be read: When Helping Hurts (#1 book review) and Half the Sky (#2 book review). 2 type-written pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pitch font, 500-word maximum First paragraph: State the intent of the book’s author in writing the book. Include its main thesis and basic construction (100 words max). Middle paragraph: Interact with the author’s message. For example: Did you agree or disagree with this or that specific idea? Why? How does the message of the book fit in with issues you had been struggling to understand before reading it? What points did the author make that were completely new to you—and why are they significant to what you do? What ideas left you wanting to explore them further, and what were your unanswered questions. Ideas like that. (300 words max.) Final paragraph: In this final paragraph, explain how something you read in the book will change the way you do your own work. Make it personal. Make it specific, with concrete action steps. Phrases such as, “I will…” or “I plan to…” are appropriate here. Avoid vague generalizations (100 words max). I WANT YOU TO SUMBIT THE PAPER AS FOLLOWS: Book report #1 Chapter 1 Half the Sky Reference Book report #2 Chapter 1 When Helping Hurts Reference TOTAL PAGES 4. Two pages for each book report for Chapter 1. THIS MUST BE YOUR ORIGINAL WORK! DO NOT PLAGIARIZE ANYTHING!!!