Twitter vs Facebook

Twitter Vs Facebook Essay sample:

Both Facebook and Twitter have increasingly gained acceptance and popularity among the youths and even dubbed as being the best social networks of all time in the world. Initially, we thought that it was a thing for the youths but as day goes by, it is shockingly being even more accepted by the adults. In fact, sooner than later, they are going to be incorporated into our official communication channels. But the disturbing questions is, why chose Facebook and not tweeter or in reverse for that matter? The purpose of this essay is to identify and clarify the contrast between the two social networks.

First and foremost, Facebook is private. Messages and other multimedia contents can only be shared and viewed among the connected people (you can also decide to publicize the contents). To be friends on facebook you have to request someone to accept you as his/her friend and that person can alternatively choose to ignore or decline your request. Hence you are locked out of connections even if you are completely related (Sud-ha, 2009).

Twitter on the other hand is more of a public forum, everything is open to everyone, anyone anywhere can follow you without your assent and there is a timeline that shows the chatters of a particular time the minute you just log in. because of this, one can easily indulge himself in a conversation that you don not even belong to (Sud-ha, 2009).

In twitter, users have ability to call out other users using the “@” symbol as in “@username” and start chat streaming live and anybody can see what you are conversing about. On facebook, you can only find your friends after searching for them and not calling them like on twitter. Also the wall conversations between the two of you cannot be seen by others of facebook if you decide to privatize your wall conversations (Sud-ha, 2009).

Technologically, the two are created using totally different building blocks. The building block for twitter is profile page full of timelines, tweets, followers, Direct Messages, @reply, friends and nudge functionalities layered right on top of these. Facebook has a profile page as its building block although you can also view the status updates of your friends. Recently, facebook redesigned its profile page into chat smart so that it can competitively outdo twitter’s profile (Sud-ha, 2009).

Another noticeable difference between the two social networks is seen in their search engines. Facebook’s chat is limited; it does not allow you to search on your own profile feeds, status update, likes and comments. There is only a simple search that accommodates searching of friends, applications and messages. Twitter has an API based search tool that is very powerful. It allows users to use any keyword to find the trends of the current. This feature has encouraged marketers to join twitter because there, they can watch conversations on their brands(Sud-ha, 2009).

Facebook has an outrageous growing rate of one million users per month which by far surpasses the growing rate of twitter. On September 2009, facebook had 58.6 percent visits from the U.S survey alone among 155 social networking sites. Although twitter also expanded the growth to 1,170 % boost from its 0.15%.

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