Strategic Marketing and Innovation Custom Essay

Thank you for your previous work on SmartShuz proposal, now we reach to the final project (final step) which is

how to implement this idea (SmartShuz) in real life. I selected you because of your great efforts and because you

already familiar with this since you worked on it since the beginning.

Please the following criteria needs to be considered before starting with the final project:

1-Read the what ever is requested by the professor clearly.
2-work on transferring the proposal to a real business. We need to show professor how we are going to implement

the proposal(SmartShuz) in real life.
3- What are our marketing tools and how we are going to promote for our business.
4-More details about the potential competitors and how we are going to provide a competitive advantage that those

competitors won’t be able to compete with us in the short run so we will be the dominant suppliers of such idea (I

mean we have the competitive advantage among competitors but of course we wont’ be the only one in the market).
4-In the long run what are our plans to still be dominant in the market, what are our plans to continue provide

competitive advantages to customers.
5-More details about our business positioning in the market.
6- More details about the revenue streams
7-Who are our key partners and how we are going to connect with how.
8-What are our plans to grow our business over the time in order to keep it alive and still competitive in the


Remember, it’s not a tactical thing, and not a very broad thing like business plan, it’s something in middle, it’s

about innovation and come up with business that will give customer a competitive advantage, that will appeal to

most people, that will guarantee good revenues. No need for numbers and no need for financial proposal.

Please cover all requested points clearly showing that we are confident about the implantation of our proposal and

confident about making our competitive advantage demanded and appealed to most of people.

Note: if you write more than 6 pages then its okay, and please appreciate if you could send it before the

deadline, so i can read it..

I believe you have (SmartShuz proposal) the one you worked on it before, and the other previous work you done

(business modal canvas) so you can read it if not please inform me.