Social media is a combination of technological tools of communication enabling dialogue among people, organizations and community at large. They are basically the web and mobile technology. The following are forms of social media.
Internet board-It is an online comments platform where people exchange ideas and hold dialogues by posting them on the wall of the webpage. This is unique with septic sites depending on user privileges. In some sites users are required to be approved by moderators to gain access. In some forums users have to be registered while most are logged in unanimously. Users are privileged to view, post comments and complex ones cites movies to give ratings.
Blog -It is an exchange on World Wide Web (www) arranged in order of occurrence, such that the most recent is prioritized. Indigenously they were single authors but with recent developments, they have become multi author’s blogs (MABs).They are popular with related media links, think tanks, academic institutions and any other related interests fighting for supremacy over blog traffic. Users basically post comments and messages each other enabled by graphical user interface (GUI) widgets
Micro blogging-Its major specification from traditional blogg is size of actual and overall file sizes. It offers users opportunity to exchange short messages (microposts), video links and individual messages with twitter a prominent sample. They are either social or commercial whose aim is to promote an organization or product.
Pod cast-This is a display of data in a media with sequenced series of download files
in media players. Users are privileged to limit other users control on who can
read their posts and privacy settings. They comprise of text messaging, E-mail, instant
messages and digital audio.
Social bookmaking-It is a customized search and management of bookmarks of online
files. Its uniqueness is reference to resources but customarily doesn’t share the resources
by itself; giving advance citations of the resource content. Users posts comments and
participates in surveys
Wiki-it is a webpage invented by Ward Cunningham allowing users to edit it, either
adding or deleting its contents. These permits varies with respective sites where some
privilege adding, deleting or removing material. Others are less restrictive and doesn’t
require access control.
Social media has changed overnight the communication aspect of the globe and
despite this fact there are grave grievances from critics leaving huge debate without
It has evolved education massively, researchers, teachers, students and related
stakeholders chat online asking questions and downloading academic materials either for
free or at price. Most students are now online meaning you cannot discontinue your daily
routines to attend class sessions. Moreover, those students who class publicity phobia,
rarely engaging actively, have platform to express their views over the chat sites. They
area one stop shopping for job opportunities cutting on expenses incurred
‘analogically. Business opportunities have exuded. All firms small and big, academic
institutions, government firms have gone web mania. Page developers are reaping boom
and anew variety of web jobs such as writing, pictures for sale,
soul mates connections are in offer. This has turned the world into a unit village.
Social media has gone nightmare, all dirty useless collections are posted spoiling
underage with access. Many have even laded to tricksters over web regarding
love, business opportunities and religions that are cults. It is also generally expensive and
addictive especially to the youths on maintenance, web connectivity and power. It creates
laziness among individuals, students presenting plagiarized files or paid ones remaining
with little knowledge over their area of specialization.
Social media remains the greatest revolution in the 21stC and the most dynamic than
any other form of communication.