Security officer's role can become routine and, unfortunately, mundane

Security officer’s role can become routine and, unfortunately, mundane. I think it goes without saying that complacency can become a challenge for security personnel? Would you agree? If so, how do we address complacency and mitigate its effects on perimeter security?

Question Set #2:

200-words: As we all know, the known presence of security personnel serves as a great deterrent, especially if routes and times are varied as you suggest. I am curious if there is any benefit to having covert security patrols? In other words, having security personnel patrol a perimeter in a manner that is not very conspicuous (if that is possible). As I ask that question I can’t help but think about Wal-Mart’s security patrols. I don’t know about where everyone else lives, but at our local Wal-Mart, the security personnel patrol the parking lots and perimeter of the building in pickup that has a flashing orange beacon affixed to the roof. Obviously, you can see this vehicle coming a mile away. I understand some of the underlying reasons for the conspicuous security patrol, but do you think there are other options?

Question Set #3:

175-words: When working with security personnel, you are dealing with the human element. What are some challenges or concerns you have to anticipate when deploying security personnel to conduct perimeter security?