Quality, clarity of language and structure, and completeness of responses are considered in grading

Quality, clarity of language and structure, and completeness of responses are considered in grading
? Thoughtful responses that integrate material across sources, show critical thinking skills, and go beyond copying what is found in the textbooks are most highly compensated
? Each response must utilize relevant citations from this semester’s assigned readings
? References are to be listed alphabetically by author’s last name on one page at the end of your quiz using APA format
? This is an open book quiz, and you may use any and all materials assigned in class.
? As for any quiz, your written answers and analysis must be your own: no sharing with anyone/ no copying from any other source/ no discussion of exam or exam answers with other current or former students
? Proofread your final responses for format, grammar, sentence structure, and conciseness before submission, and REVISE as many times as needed to make it say what you mean.

Read this page again before you submit your quiz!

Dr. Larry Phillips
Quiz 2

Draw from your texts and other class sources to support your responses to the questions below.

Q1. Acknowledgement and employee recognition is vital for Project Managers to master worldwide. In session 5, you read about the AEIOU Model of communications management within the Engleberg & Wynn textbook. Based on the scenario with Disney employees described in the paragraph below, how could verbalizing the A-E-I-O-U aide PMs in mastering effective employee communications & recognition styles of dialogue? Focus on Engleberg & Wynn ‘s discussion of the AEIOU model, stressing the O (outcomes) element of the AEIOU model.

"Measuring the direct impact [effective communications has] on profitability is difficult because it is only one of many factors influencing employees in every workplace. However, research studies make a persuasive case that bottom line benefits have been achieved through employee recognition. The Walt Disney World Resort established an employee recognition program that resulted in a 15% increase in staff satisfaction with their day-to-day recognition by their immediate supervisors. These results correlated highly with high guest-satisfaction scores, which showed a strong intent to return, and therefore directly flowed to increased profitability” (Harrison, n.d.).
Q2. The BANTA (best alternative to a negotiated agreement) is described in detail in
Thompson (2012, pp. 1-39). Based on the BANTA concept, what are “aspiration points,” and how may they lead to problems in negotiations?

Q3. The examples of the Toulmin Model of an argument (Engleberg & Wynn, 2013, pp. 226-229) provide phrasing for asking ‘critical questions’ of statements which may need more factual support. Phrase four questions using examples from the Toulmin Model to clarify an argument for use of the PMBOK Guide worldwide standards in your workplace.


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