These are argumentative in nature and the author tries to entice readers to be in agreement with his ideas.

The basics observed include:
-Strong support of the argument, why the writer feels he should be followed.
-Elaboration of the concept.
-Flow of the events.
Sincerity, displaying versed knowledge over the subject.

While working on this, observe facts (strong argument to or against the agenda)Be resourceful on reliable references over minuses/facts against the subject.

It is vital to explain the facts, having in mind priority,(heavier ideas first) flow, less important issues that can be done away with and proofreading.

Considering the momentum of the work towards negativity or positivist, cite them, they could be of importance. Enable sequenced flow of ideas absorbing criticism positively.

Grammatical and writing errors are grave putting in mind the article is placed in retrieval references. Be selective on issues well versed with.