Pros and cons of abolishing parole

Pros and cons of abolishing parole:

            Parole is a term that is used in the field of judiciary to mean an early release that is accorded to a prisoner. This kind of release is accorded to prisoners who have shown remorse for the crime committed as well as high improvement in their behavior. Once a prisoner is released on parole there are some terms and conditions which he must abide by and there is an officer of the court who is assigned to monitor the prisoner to ensure that he abides by the set regulation. There are some aspects of parole which are however contentious as outlined in this discussion.

There has been a debate as to whether parole should be abolished or not. There are pros and cons of abolishing parole (Hoffman, 67). One con is that by abolishing parole, there is a likely to be a congestion in the prisons as all prisoners will have to serve their entire terms. As a result of this congestion the correctional facilities may not be effective as they ought to be. One pro though is that it will reduce the stigma that prisoners face especially as they prepare to reenter the community. More often, prisoners encounter challenges as the society does not fully accept them back and still continues to view them as criminals.

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