Module Project

 By applying what you are learning to an organisation, in this case the organisation or company is IKEA with which you are familiar, you will be writing the paper as if you are an operations management consultant hired by IKEA.

Do research on the Operations of IKEA.

The previous Module Project deliverable was a literature review about research relevant to your project topic and organisation. This week you will use your research, and your own creativity, to prepare an action plan for operations improvement to present to the organisation’s board.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Review your Module Project work from Week 1 and 3 (I will upload to the order)


Based on your specific organisation selection (IKEA), its business sector and your literature review in Week 3 ( I will upload) , write a 1,250-word action plan for operations improvement for the IKEA organisation, to present to the company’s board

Use scholarly references only

Use Harvard Referencing Only