Introduction to political theory

(you may choose from Machiavelli’s “the Prince” chapters I-XIV and XV-XXVI, Charles V’s “Testaments” p 485-493, Bodin’s “Six Books of the Republic” p1-76, Filmer’s “Patriarchy”)

1) What the text says,
2)how is it related to other topics
3)it would be good to use other sources (views of scholars ect) that will help to analyze the text
4)relate to contemporary politics (relate to events that had happened – if applicable)

There can be up to 3-4 max sources, but it is better to analyze fewer but better.
It would be good to analyze authors life (if only it is applicable to the text, if not Author’s life should be mentioned as little as possible, just for background information)

And of course bibliography and citation, which wouldn’t be used a lot, just the text itself and several sources …
and please please please no plagiarism.