Greek and Roman Art

 Greek and Roman Art

This is kind of a take home exam and there is two parts of it. I have the essay questions on the G&R Art Essay Questions.docx file and you can see it.

Part 1: The first question asked about the mosaics, I have a link that briefly talks about it. The link is and the graph is at page 113 & 114:

You can read the article and find some clues to write about it. You can also use Google and find information’s and write it your words, citation is not necessary. And other mosaics or art works will be in the file called G&R Art_Preparation.pptx

you can Google by the name of the art works and find information, basically just identify the characters and explain the story of background of them.

The part two

Part 2: choose on art work from each catalogue: Monuments, Sculpture, Paintings and Mosaics. So 4 art works in total and they are all from different catalogue.

Part 1 is 30 points and Part 2 worth 60 points, so please find the balance.

Please read the essay questions carefully. The essay should not just copy and paste from Wikipedia or Google, please find the information and write it in your words, you can talk about how you feel about those too, and there is no right or wrong answers.

Sample paper

Greek and Roman Art


The ancient history of Europe and the great kingdoms is available as a documentation of the cultures in an art. The free arts are discoveries that have been possible in the last two decades. However, other instances showcase destruction of valuable art as a result of the defeats of kingdoms ensuring that most of the delicate structures did not survive the attacks. The essay focuses on the Frampton mosaic as well as one case in the categories of sculptures, the monument, the paintings and the mosaics. The sculpture considerations are the Cast of Augustus of Prima Porta while the monument focus is on the Mausoleum of Augustus. Moreover, the various discussions depict the Deer Hunt Mosaic that is in the ancient city of….click here for more details