English and Literature

Create a progress report that addresses the work you’ve accomplished thus far on your Analytical Report and what you have left to do in order to complete the project.

It should adhere to the following outline:
1. Introduction
o What are you researching?
o What are you trying to accomplish with the research?
o Approximately how much of your overall project is complete?

2. Completed Work
o What have you completed thus far?
o What research you’ve found and/or conducted?
o What visuals you’ve created?
o What writing you’ve completed (even if it’s just an outline or drafting)?

3. Future Work
o What do you have left to accomplish?
o What due dates have you set for completing the remaining aspects of your project (i.e. final research, drafting, revising, finalizing writing, completing visuals, etc.)
o What are you going to do to make sure you complete the project on time?

4. Conclusions
o How do you feel things stand overall?
o What do you expect from the finished project?