Does consumption of omega 3 fatty acids influence the development of Alzheimer’s disease? Research Paper

Writing final year project Project question idea/ topic: Does consumption of omega 3 fatty acids influence the development of Alzheimer’s disease? you need to choose 8 to 10 papers from primary sources (articles from pub med or web science..) which contains data and approximately same subject results to take their data and produce your own THESE PAPERS HAVE A LOT OF DATA IN THEM SOME IS RELEVANT TO THE RESULTS OF YOUR PROJECT, SOME IS NOT. YOU NEED TO EXTRACT AND PRESENT THE APPROPRIATE DATA – YOU DO THIS IN TEXT, TABLES AND FIGURES. data with meta-analysis. A meta-analysis requires pooling of data and reanalysis You should focus on the pooling part It is not a big essay Have a clear search strategy Develop good inclusion/exclusion criteria Include a flow diagram Assess for bias of the chosen articles Pool the data and present this in-text, in tables and in figures Introduction Provides background to the project All information necessary to understand aim Use subheadings? Assume a level of knowledge of your reader Reference in Harvard format End with “Aims and objectives” section The introduction should include a review of current literature. It should be aimed at a knowledgeable reader. In text referencing is essential. This section should include all background information that is relevant to your project. At the end of the introduction, you should include an aim and a hypothesis. The idea is that a reader can follow your train of thought to this hypothesis. Methods (library based) Outline your search strategy Definitions Subject, intervention, outcomes, parameters, design Databases used Search terms Inclusion/exclusion criteria This section should include a detailed account of the literature review that you have performed. Details should include the search engines you used, your inclusion/exclusion criteria, the number of journal articles you deemed appropriate etc. Results (library based) Flow diagram Assessment of Bias Summary table of studies Author, year, type of study, main outcome etc Text integrating/synthesis of data NOT just description of studies or critical analysis of a methodology Median (confidence interval) effects Remember this is not a big essay – it must involve data analysis This section should describe the results of your literature search and should include details on the number of journal articles that measured the same variable and how much, on average, that variable has changed by as a result of the experimental procedure. You should also try and calculate odds ratios/relative risks where possible. This section is not for you to pass judgment on the quality of the journal articles you have collected but to summarise what the literature suggests. This section should conclude with a summary table of all the articles you have deemed necessary. The table should include the authors of the article, their methodology and main results. Discussion Perhaps most important part of report EXPLAIN results Description was in results Provide reasons for observations Use introduction and other literature Strengths/weaknesses Not a section of excuses Application of results? Future research Your discussion should focus on the outcomes of your research and attempting to explain those results using your own knowledge and published research. Your discussion is not simply a repeat of your results and should not include description of the results you have presented. You should ensure that you link back to your introduction and use some of the theory that you presented there to attempt to explain your results. Your discussion should also include details of strengths and weaknesses of your project and you can offer ideas on how the project could be improved in the future. You should also try and include details on the direction of future research in this area. NB: sections required: introduction, methods, results, discussion. only these section required for the dissertation.