This is a support document of a research finding by a candidate in an education program mostly degree. This varies regarding the university’s’ rules where majority uses dissertation for degree and masters programmers, and thesis for the PhD field. Most theses in these programs are geared towards claiming copyright of the subject.
They are structured in two ways either single author’s entity (monograph) or several sources (publication thesis),they basically illustrate findings in a research subject; giving detailed resource/resources, methods in use and conclusion. They don’t have a formal style, but are institutional based; although international standards like ISO2145 (section numbers), ISO690 (bibliographic) and ISO31 (units)most of these works are kept for future retrieval, hence unique in presentation, layout ,font selection and acid free paper are areas of greater scrutiny. Its contents are specific, a five paged work with emphasis on introduction, methodologies used, area of coverage and specialization. However, they may vary with the discipline like arts and sciences.