Cybersecurity between the Government and the Private Sector:


Governments around the world are faced with new demands, expectations and the responsibility to catch up with the ever growing technological world. Global technology gets revolutionized with each passing day and this necessitates the need to conform to this reforms. Nowadays, governments need to be fast, streamlined and tech-enabled so that they can keep up with the changes that occur in the technological world. This is due to the fact that, with the increasing technology, there are a lot of other activities that come with it. This includes a number of cyber crimes. Security of its citizens is one of the core elements that any government should look into. Therefore, the issue of cybersecurity should be well handled by the government. Interferences in websites can emerge from within or without the country and the government should be in a position to contain the situation in both instances. This paper will discuss why non-government information exchange system is the best method to use in sharing cybersecurity information between the government and the private sector


Therefore, it is the responsibility of any country to ensure that a proper system of sharing information is in place so that important data may be interfered with and also to guarantee its citizens the security that they require.


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