Citing specific works of art and readings for class Custom Essay

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Essays (20 points each, 60 points total)
Maximum 2 pp. each question, 6 pp. total:
Pick THREE of the following FOUR ideas and trace each, citing specific works of art and readings for class. When you cite a work, include the artist if known, the title, the place of origin and date and the present location. When you cite a reading, just use the author and the page in parentheses. For the two Epstein books, abbreviate DOS for Dreams of Subversion and MH for Medieval Haggadah.
1) ?The Gaze?: Religious and secular
2) ***The politics of marginality in religious art 3) ***Jews, Christians, Responses, Polemics 4) ***Appropriation, adaptation, adoption
Analysis (40 points)
Maximum 4 pages:
Pick a work of religious art made before 1900 that we have not looked at in class?one that looks ripe for political interpretation?and analyze it according to the principles we have been employing this semester, again citing specific works of art and readings for class. See above (Essays) for citation guidelines. Include the image in your file, or attach.
1) Initial careful ?unbiased? description (A woman with a baby, not ?the Madonna and the Christ Child?)
2) Noticing of unusual, unexpected or surprising details
3) Identiication/placement in context of narrative (biblical, mythological) and how you got there
4) Placement in context of historical circumstances/background of the work?s creation
5) Political implications and how you got to them.