Environmental Issues

Divide the paper into three parts: 1.Research 2.Preparation for Meeting 3.Notes from Meeting(our enterprise(product) is “LEDs wristband”). *refer to the attachment files *Reference for each part

Health disparities

Health disparities and health promotion in vulnerable populations-Paper Guidelines and Grading Rubric Readings: See readings for unit 4 Assignment Description The goal of this paper is to identify the unique needs and challenges of vulnerable populations. Health disparities disproportionately affect Read More …


Please follow the questions finally, Also the intuition that i want to research is commonwealth bank of Australia. The 3 products that i want to find also is 1)-Financial risk= house and contents insurance 2) investment product= Fixed term deposits Read More …

Legal rules

How does the parliament regulate the conduct of society, particularly with reference to business transactions and interactions?Discuss the extent to which the morals and values of a society influence and underpin the content of these legal rules.