Forensic Accounting

Requiring explanatory narrative employing an evaluative stance and with appropriate examples and diagrams where suitable. Just 4 questions, each question answer about for 300 words please.

Focus group analysis

Background information This focus group was conducted for a social marketing dissertation looking at taxi driver’s healthy lifestyle and how its changing behaviour and the primary focus is on musculoskeletal problem since they all set down and drive do nothing Read More …

The Mercantilists

1- A:- Briefly explain Hume’s criticism of the views of the Mercantilists with particular emphasis on the price –specie –flow mechanism. (250 words) B:-What do you regard as the main weaknesses of the Ricardian model as an explanation of trade Read More …

Company & Association Law

This case study should follow the Company & Association Law of Australia. The book is: Jason Harris, Anil Hargovan and Michael Adams (2015). Australian Corporate Law (5th edn). Chatswood, NSW, Australia: LexisNexis Butterworths. ISBN: 9780409341751