Paper instructions:
The most important requirement for these assignments is that the publication you summarize must be peer reviewed. A peer reviewed journal is one that contains articles that have been examined by experts in the topic covered. For example, if a medical biologist writes an article about a new drug that helps to cure a disease, the journal editors will then send that article out to several experts that are studying the same disease or types of drugs. These “peers” examine the article to make sure that the information presented is correct to the best of their knowledge.

Basic requirements

To successfully complete the Journal Article summary assignment:

find and read a peer reviewed journal article of interest to you, related to the field of Biology

write a typewritten, double-spaced summary of the article, about one page is a good goal

be sure to provide a citation for the article

save your work in .doc or .rtf format on your computer

include either a copy of the source article or a complete web address for the article
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