Here is my background. My family is Taiwanese and my all family stay in Taiwan. I have parents, two younger brothers and one younger sister. Here is the journal question, CHOOSE ONE: 1. Write about your upbringing including perspectives on Read More …

Marketing Plan

I need a marketing plan containing the criteria included in the uploaded document. I would like it to be about a food truck company called AppeTeazers that serves appetizer style food. Get as creative as you like with the rest.

Quitting smoking

? Executive Summary: What is the logic behind your proposal? Plus a summary (200-250 words) ? Statement of Need: Why is your project important? What is the hypothesis (if research)? What is the objective? Is the project to create something Read More …

Strategic Information Systems

-The whole structure and requirements of the coursework are in the attached document (SIS Plan). -Note please follow the instructions very carefully and check the whole document. -I am a business management student therefore there should be a balance between