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The importance of studying sociology is the main concern in this article. Appeal is the first aspect that should be put in mind; one should only study sociology if they find it to be inherently interesting. Sociology is an extremely popular major among many students according to a research conducted by the American Sociological Association. From the year 2007, nearly, 30,000 students receive bachelor’s degrees in sociology each year in the United States. Studies in sociology have evolved and nowadays it is a field that provides a proper training experience for undergraduates. There are many students that pursue sociology in graduate school. Apart from that, there are many careers that are in the field of sociology, from business, education, government and the public service, there are many vacancies for people that have majored in sociology so that they can help in various capacities. A lot of community affairs also seek for people that have a background of sociology.

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This fifth edition of Anthony Gidden’s Sociology covers all the core topics of sociology. However, it includes a great amount of informative new material that ensures that students who are learning sociology are up to date with the latest debates and topics that are there in sociology. The book deviates away from the ancient material that was being used to sensitize people on sociology and focuses on present occurrences which students can easily relate to. The focus is mainly on occurrences that are happening in the world presently and relate to sociology. Topics such as global inequity, disability, ageing and the life course together with terrorism. This together with many other topics that are up to date and affect the society in some way are what the focus is all about in this book. The focus is on people who are looking for an exciting and authoritative easy to follow instructions on sociology.


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In sociology, there is the issue of social classes and this is what comes into focus in this article. In the Roman Empire, the society was greatly divided into classes with those that formed the upper class being the rich people while the lower class being the poor people. It was always difficult to move from one social class to another. There were a lot of injustices that were associated with being in the lower class. These were mostly the servant and slaves. This is the same case in societies today, the rich people continue enriching themselves at the expense of the poor who are greatly affected and are only used for the benefit of the rich. The article says that sociology comes into place in this situation since it is all about how people relate and treat each other in the society.


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The article is all about emotional abuse that children may go through while in learning institutions and how it may affect their social life. Children may be disturbed by other students or even their teachers. In other institutions like the church, priests, ministers or even reverends may cause some emotional discomfort for children and this will greatly affect how the children interact with other people. Most of the time, the affected child become depressed, has a lower self esteem and social input. In the long run, the child might even become a social deviant as a result of the social disturbance. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every parent to monitor their children’s social behavior and help them if need be.