Analytic Play Therapy

Prepare to attend the live session(s) this week by completing your unit readings on Analytic Play Therapy. Summarize the theoretical approach in a 300–600-word discussion post, addressing the following:
• Name the original developer or developers of the theory.
• Describe how the theory frames problems in living and psychopathology identifying elements of this that are unique to this approach (versus applicable also to other approaches—though note of commonalities might also be indicated).
• Describe how this theory uniquely supports personal development, treatment goals, and interventions.
• Provide personal anecdotes that demonstrate or support the theory in action in life (not necessarily in a counseling setting); the more playful the anecdote, the better.
• Propose a simple and creative learning activity that models some unique quality or idea of this therapy approach and theory, such that it will help explain this theory to your peers.
• Describe what surprised, pleased, and/or disturbed you about this theory and how you imagine it being applied (or noted its application in the case studies of Jason or Cassie in your text).
• Address one of the following:
o How does this theory uniquely frame the etiology of problems in living? How does the case study (Cassie, Jason, or some other case model you have considered) exemplify this?
o How does the theory assist in generating therapy goals that are consistent with the theory?
o What are two interventions that are consistent with this theory? Note how one might be applied in a treatment setting congruent with this approach.
For the purpose of this discussion post, it is acceptable to use bulleted text.
Remember, the topic preparation discussion should be completed before you attend the scheduled live session(s). Complete the topic preparation discussion as early as possible during each unit. You are strongly encouraged to begin preparing for these discussions during the prior unit. The idea is to allow the discussion to begin online with posts and responses, then continued in the live sessions, and then further continued in the posts and responses relating to the live sessions.