Major Event Protection

Program: BA of Science Organizational and Security Management Course: Personal Security (SEC420) Assignment: Major Event Protection Paper (Week 2) Write a 1,450 word assessment describing the tasks needed to prepare a protection plan for Petco Park (baseball park) located in Read More …

Leadership and Management

Write a 275- to 500-word paper answering the following questions: •What are your personal views of leadership? •How does leadership differ from management? •What are the characteristics of an effective leader? Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

SportsRite Plc

Prepare a final report for the board of directors for the case study on ‘SportsRite Plc.’ Include analysis on both internal and external environments and make strategic recommendations based on your analysis

Communication Analysis

Performance reviews can be a difficult experience for anyone to go through. In this assignment, you will recall a performance review or a performance-related discussion that you experienced at work. You will critically analyze that experience, focusing on the verbal Read More …

Slippery Slope

Below is the discussion area to review major topics of week 1. This is an opportunity for you to share what you learned during this week. Slippery Slope: Each one of us has a most commonly used conflict style. While Read More …

Emotional Intelligence

1. Personality, emotional intelligence and decision-making Both personality and emotional intelligence (EI) would be expected to be related to individual differences in decision-making. For example, the personality traits linked to the behavioural approach system (BAS) and behavioural inhibition (BIS) systems Read More …

Waste Water

I want a persuasive speech to convince the listeners to the importance of using waste water instead of just dumping it. And give examples of what to do with it. For example: recharging aquifers or treat it for drinking.