What NOT to Write –A Guide in College Essay Topics

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 One may find a hundred thousand guides on how to write the perfect college essay, but a wise person may infer that it is just as useful, if not more, to know exactly what not to write. The simple answer to what college essay topics you should not approach is: anything that enrages a professor, anything that makes a tired professor even more tired, and most of all, anything that provokes a professor into reconsidering the value of his profession. In short, college essay topics should be politically correct, revitalizing, interesting, and perhaps even provocative.


When choosing your college essay topics, think like a professor, forced by the virtue of his work to be daily subjected to a meal of cooked up stories and half-baked ideas. What would you most enjoy reading? The following types of approaches are most probably not on the list, and are therefore not recommended as college essay topics:


Nostalgia and Negativity


A drawn out nostalgic account of anything, excepting perhaps an interesting trip to a foreign land, is not something anyone really wants to read. Nostalgia has generally negative connotations, and negative college essay topics are an absolute ‘no-no’. It is also a very difficult type of approach to present, as, at its best, it must be witty and informative, as well as descriptive. This is not for a novice writer.


Wisecracks and Witticism


College professors generally enjoy intelligent witticisms so much, they tend to practice their own at every opportunity. This approach is not however, a clever approach to take in the serious matter of a college essay. Further, there is however a clear distinction between witticisms and wisecracks, the latter of which should ideally never be witnessed in a college document. Though the writer may believe that it is an appropriate manner in which to assert his personality, he may end up distinguishing himself in another way altogether. A completely comical document may send the message that the writer is not a serious person, and therefore not a welcome addition to any college anywhere. Inserting a witty comment here and there into your essay, however, is very much advised.  Professors will enjoy a moment or two spent turning their frowns downside up!


Being ‘Inappropriate’


College essay topics that are frequently singled out are those in which the student shares a personal story, usually revolving around a battle they have had to fight, and hopefully won. These battles may range from bullying to weight loss, learning disabilities to potential fatal diseases, all of which are relevant and telling about the writer, as well as touching. Nevertheless, it is not appropriate for a personal story to be about such topics as how the writer pursued a love interest and prevailed, due to his ‘skills’. This essay will be dismissed before the introduction has been read through. More importantly though, ‘inappropriate’ subjects include stories of a type that is likely to make a college professor uncomfortable, no matter how truthful, inspiring or significant. A college professor will not know how to take the story of an ex-stripper who battled her way in the red light district to be able to pay for the privilege of going to college. Nor will he know how to take the story of a student’s battle with homosexual tendencies.


There is a wealth of excellent college essay topics that make it ridiculous for potential college student to choose bad ones. At the end of the day, keep your essay true-to-self, simple, light, entertaining, informative –and not least, extremely well written.

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Please Write my Essay

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Somewhere on the planet, just a few moments ago, a college student idly murmured: “I really should write my essay…” while getting ready to go out. And it isn’t the library they’ll be headed for. Should you ask even those of his colleagues that are in library, doggedly hitting the books, they would respond that no, they couldn’t blame him for procrastinating the project. Indeed, for every student who hasn’t mastered the skill of essay writing, this frequently requested assignment is tantamount to an assault on the psyche. Fortunately, this is a problem with more than one solution, and one of these is, well –software.


Before you begin Googling madly to find it, there is no such thing as ‘write my essay’ software. At least, not yet, though it is certainly currently in the works somewhere. There is, however, a ‘Proofread My Essay’ program available on the market, which will not only help a student write his essay, but it will also teach him the skill.


Proofread My Essay and other similar word processing tools teach the writer vital grammatical skills, among other things. There are all kinds of writing, and each type carries its own set of rules. Essay writing rules demand formal, correct English. Producing it in your work may set your essays above the rest. Word processing software solutions do not so much answer the plea ‘Write my essay!’ but rather ‘How do I write my essay?’ They offer guidance to the student that helps him improve his writing skills generally, as well as to develop and define his formal writing style.


The technology works by actually simulating the human thought process. It is effective, because it provides guidance to students by comparing their writing to improved versions of text contained in a vast and dynamic in-built database. In this manner, it produces summary judgments on such things as the student’s usual turn of phrase, habitual expressions and other writing trends and tendencies. All of these identified trends, tendencies and offending quirks will need to be carefully studied by the writer, then either altered or eliminated. Other features typically include punctuation analysis, and an automated spell check. Enough writing practice using these programs will have the student not just ruminating the idea of getting down to work, but rather saying ‘I must write my essay!’ as they proceed.


Mastering the rules of essay writing, in the end, will generally come down to how the student answers five simple questions:


  1. Does my essay make sense?
  2. Is my essay easy to read; is my argument easy to follow?
  3. Are my points clear, and strong enough to make an impact?
  4. Have I remained on course with my argument, and not confused both myself and the reader by going off-topic?
  5. Have I repeated myself severally and unnecessarily?


Still, the despairing yet procrastinating student may not have to wait long, before actual ‘write my essay’ software is made available. Though language processing is an extremely intricate and difficult skill to grasp, let alone build into a computer program, the challenge has ignited the passions of numerous professionals in the world of technology. It is likely that it will continue to develop until, perhaps, in response to innumerable student prayers, the essay as we currently know it is abolished altogether!

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Persuade Me: Perfect Persuasive Essay Topics

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The persuasive essay, as its name implies, is a powerful written argument designed by the writer to fully convince his readers that his point of view is the one and only correct one, and that entertaining any other is unreasonable –and perhaps even foolish. While it is an opinionated and sometimes even controversial piece of writing, like all good essays, a good persuasive essay is a combination of good writing skills and well-undertaken, detailed research. Still, even these are not sufficient, if students have not taken care in their choice of persuasive essay topics.


Good persuasive essay topics tend to revolve around moral and political issues, such as abortion, pre-marital sex, domestic abuse, immigration laws or universal healthcare. These persuasive essay topics are excellent fodder for debate, as every person has an opinion on them, and each one is passionate about their stand. The best persuasive essay topics, however, are additionally relevant to current affairs, as they will provoke an immediate and powerful reaction from the reader. But the persuasive essay reaches perfection when the writer is able to identify and clearly write about a topic he is particularly passionate about. In the following list of subject matters, it should be easy to identify the perfect persuasive essay topics for you.


Moral Issues: In this subject may be found the juiciest persuasive essay topics, not only because it arouses a passionate response from all and sundry, but also because the nature of that passion is unfailingly personal. And passionate, personal response is exactly what the persuasive essay is designed to ignite. Once it has been ignited, however, the writer must be able to keep outrage at bay on either side of any point he makes, by at least beginning with a clear, concise and balanced statement of various views on the chosen topic. A personal, discursive and progressive argument may be the best way in which to convince his audience, with regard to this subject matter, as, whatever his views, the reader cannot fail to empathize with the telling of a personal story. Perhaps because of the buffer provided by this potential empathy, it may be a good idea to taunt the reader from the outset, by choosing deliberately provocative essay titles. Examples include ‘You can’t handle the Truth: Dishonesty is Human’, ‘It’s never really ‘Cheating’’, and ‘Gay Marriage is immoral.’


Political Issues: There are no limits to the number and range of debatable political issues, whether local, national, or international. Even the simple process of voting is controversial! Wherever they live, most people carry strong, passionate political views, and this factor makes this field a veritable treasure trove for persuasive essay topics. Persuasive essays on this type of topic are best tackled by the writer giving a clear two-sided argument. If he merely passionately sets out his own views, the reader will certainly have three thousand rebuttals for each point, which would defeat the intended persuasive nature of the essay. So a good political persuasive essay may be titled ‘The Pros and Cons of Legalizing Recreational Drugs’, ‘The two sides of Gay Marriage’ or ‘Why the US may fare better through non-interference’. The idea would be to fairly set out the generally perceived ‘for’s and ‘against’s in society, then hammer your own opinion through until the reader is convinced.


Technology is an extremely topical subject, in these times, and there are any numbers of persuasive essays topics that can be sourced from popular debates on the subject. Is it advancing too fast? Is this advance truly beneficial? Might this advance be jeopardizing societal health internationally? Might this be regarded as a process of human evolution? Are we eventually heading for a robot revolution?  Possible titles for persuasive essays in this genre are ‘The Internet: A Positive or a Negative?’, ‘Living online: Escapism dangerously maximized’, ‘Cyber-bullying: As destructive as the real thing.’


But Persuasive essay topics do not necessarily have to broach serious issues. In fact, writing an entirely personal opinion on the worst day of the week, the best movie ever made or the most boring author ever to have been studied may actually earn the writer points for creativity!

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Admission Essays for Private High Schools

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With the dearth of quality public academic facilities available, you may consider private high school as the better option for your teens. While public schools may readily expose your children to a myriad of social problems, poor discipline and unsafe situations.


Private high school application packages will usually require admission essays, not only from your children, but from you, too. It is advised to go online and see what types of sample high school admission essay are available for you to consult.


While the teenager’s essay question will deal with his academic achievements up until that point, sporting interests and hobbies, the parents’ questions revolve more around the family setting in which the teen is growing up. Like colleges, private high schools would like to know not only about the teen’s academic performance, but also whether they will be able to personally qualify to be a member of their community. As you settle into the application process, the sample high school admission essay may be a wise tool to consult.


A sample high school admission essay will indicate to parents how to proceed in answering the analytical questions typically asked by private high school panels. These will include questions on their child’s character, the family dynamics, and the potential of the family to be intimately involved in the school’s activities. Other questions may deal with your opinion of your child’s ability to contribute to the school’s activities, sporting and community life.  Are they good debaters? Are they passionate athletes? Do they have a strong sense of community, helping the weak and competing valiantly among the strong? The sample high school admission essay assists you in knowing how to answer these various queries. It is important to answer these questions correctly, as, from your responses, the school may make determinations on the applicant’s family life as well as variables such as the financial ability to maintain school fees. It is recognized that teens who live in a stable familial environment, wherein discipline is consistently instilled, have a higher chance of success academically, than those who do not.


One factor that may provide your application with an advantage is a visit to the school. Make references to what you have seen, in your admission essays, and use them to highlight your child’s interest in the institution. The following is an extract from a sample high school admission essay answer that depicts this:


During our recent visit to X High School, Justin pointed out the newly upgraded science lab, and was curious about the biology and chemistry curriculums taught at the school. Justin has long-held a deep interest in science, in which subject he developed a stellar academic performance in elementary school. W e believe that he will display the same passion and commitment for this subject at advanced levels of education, and may ultimately be planning to work in a scientific or medical field.


The sample high school admission essay will help you indicate that you are, both parents and child, serious and dedicated potential members of the high school community.

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What You Need To Know About Writing a University Admission Essay

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Once your high school grades are out and you have graduated from high school, you are ready to move to the next academic step. This may either to pursue a college or university degree. A university admission essay is a very important element that will decide whether you will get placement at a university of your choice.


So what do you look out for?


Instructions given

Instructions given on how to write your essay are very important. When applying for university, there are often details that are required on your end. This information should be read and clearly understood by the student. It will show your attention to detail and your interpretation of what they ask for. Instructions often include word limit to avoid you rambling or repeating your points and they also act as a basic guide that is applied to a standard university admission essay.



Challenges are nothing new. Every one of us has to go through them. They help shape our character. When applying for university, you may want to write about a challenge you went through and how you overcame it. This is a good approach for any admission essay because it shows the admission board that you are aware that things may not always go as you want them. It particularly seeks to show that overcoming challenges helps us learn how to handle similar situations in future.


How bad do you want it?

When writing a university admission essay consider your dream job or career. This will help you come up with strong arguments and facts that will help your chances. If you want to achieve your objective, your creativity may be pushed even if it comes in the form of writing a university admission essay. How you write your essay portrays who you are and merely expressing your interest is not enough you need to prove that you deserve it. Bringing out your personality alongside strong arguments may increase your chances.



A lot of people apply for university. To improve your chances, you need to be creative. This helps you stand out from other applicants. If you are applying a journalism program for example demonstrate your skills. You could decide to showcase a voice demo along your essay or even write an essay with aspects of a high fashion magazine.


Be careful when writing about your opinions

It is good to bring out your personality in your university admission essay but make sure you are subtle because you do not know the school’s stand on the matter. This is especially so when talking about politics, sexuality and abortion.


All in all when writing a university admission essay, it is important to follow guidelines given as instructed. A topic you may choose is one that portrays a challenge you went through and how you overcame it. Bringing out your personality is okay but make sure that you avoid voicing controversial social issues such as abortion, politics and sexuality.

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Types of Admission Essay Topics

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Admission essay writing is writing for the purpose of expressing oneself to the admission board. What is important is not only knowing how to write a good essay but also choosing a topic that will be interesting and present you as a viable candidate. The student is usually given a range of topics to choose from and is often used to assess the student’s capacity to creatively express themselves.


Admission essay topics are diverse. Therefore, for you to write an effective admission essay you need to know what topics to choose. That’s why it is important to do adequate research on different essay topics and narrow down to one essay topic that may be appropriate to write about. Generally these types of essays require a student to explain their reason for applying and how they will benefit as well as contribute to the wellbeing of the school.


Types of admission essay topics


  • Personality- admission essay topics that require a student to give the admission board an idea about who they are as individuals will request them to write a personality essay. Here the student should give both his strengths and weaknesses and explains how they would work towards improving their strengths and working to overcome your weakness. Do not be afraid to state your weakness everyone has them. You could alternatively opt to focus on your strongest characteristics and how you use it to help others.
  • Personal obstacle-This type of essay seeks to show how a student overcomes a challenge. It brings out a students objectivity and perspective of how they generally view things.
  • Personal achievement- This essay depicts one of many popular admission essay topics that seeks to describe a life changing event and the impact it had in your life.
  • Future plans- Admission essay topics that require future plans often seek to address the question why. This is because the writer explains a topic like a career they would like to pursue and gives supporting evidence of why they are inclined towards that particular career.


 Essay topics to avoid

  • Controversial social topics-admission essay topics that should be avoided are those may be controversial socially. This is because the students has no prior knowledge on the colleges stand on the topic and may rub some people the wrong way. Such topics may include Abortion or sexuality.


  • Personal tragedies- This type of admission essay topic is very personal. A lot of people make the mistake of focusing on the event rather than the impact it had on the student.
  • Travel experiences abroad- Travel experiences abroad can be interesting to write. However it is not recommended admission essay topic. They can however be considered for a coursework during a much later stage.


There are many admission essay topics to choose from. Make sure before you settle on one particular topic that you extensively research and try to find out what is required to effectively execute that particular topic. In addition find out whether you have enough material to write a comprehensive, objective and captivating essay.



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How to Write a Good Admission Essay Sample

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A good admission essay sample is one that explains and effectively communicates a specific topic to the college or university admission board. It declares prospective students intent to enroll in a university, college or Mba program.

The essay should also relay the student’s personality and have a good flow. Creativity and good essay writing techniques should highly be considered as it stands to work to your advantage.


Helpful admission sample tips

Below are tips that you may want to look out for when you write an admission essay. Note that there are a lot more tips though this are basic helpful guidelines that will be of great help.


  • Should be interesting

When an admission essay sample starts like this “I have always wanted to be part ofCornelUniversity community” it shows lack of creativity. It is also obvious that you are writing an admission letter. To make your essay interesting don’t be obvious in your approach “You might want to know how my love forCornellUniversity started” that phrase makes the reader anticipate what you have to say. Also remember that you need to grab and hold the admission board’s attention. Delaying how your love forCornellUniversity started will be helpful. Remember not to keep the suspense going on for too long.


  • Use active voice

The use of active voice is important in an essay. Avoid using passive voice. For example ‘I know I am the best student you will find”. The use of active voice is a technique used in basic essay writing and also tends to be more objective. For example ‘My experience with the local community church helped me appreciate time management”. Notice that the sentence using passive voice includes a lot of “I” An admission essay sample should give the story an active voice. However do not use clichés. They may not do your essay justice.


  • Have sentence variety

Remember that your admission essay sample should include a variety of sentences.

Sentences that are often used are:

  • Simple sentences – simple sentences includes an independent clause. For example Oriental music is interesting.
  • Compound sentences- Includes two or more independent clauses. For example Oriental music is interesting, but not everyone may appreciate it.
  • Complex sentences- Include includes an independent clause and an addition dependant clause. For example. The cow mooed all morning, and the cat, which meowed, helped wake me up today.
  • Answer the question

An essay often seeks to find out something. Make sure you address the question. In the event that the admission essay sample does not ask a question, address then relate your essay to the topic and further develop it in the main body of the essay.


A good admission essay sample is one that effectively explains your intention to enroll in a high school, college and university or Mba program. Make sure that your admission essay is interesting to read, effectively uses active voice, and has good sentence variety that states why you want to be admitted.

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What You Should Know Before You Write an MBA Admission Essay

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An MBA admission essay is important because it helps a prospective student gain entry in a post graduate institution. The presentation may determine whether you not only successfully enroll for a master’s degree but also a scholarship. Since it is a high level admission essay make sure to include comprehensive critique with well thought out, detailed writing techniques.

  • Prompt analysis – When all is said and done you need to write an essay therefore it is important to do your research on what different schools offer. Your vocational interest will help you narrow down to a suitable topic. You need to define a topic and thoroughly analyze how to make it work for you. This can be done by gathering information about it in the library or online. While looking through books, you can save time by simply going through the table of contents. That gives you an idea of what the book contains and helps determine it’s relevance to your topic.
  • Brainstorming– As a student it is important to figure out an effective way to present your MBA admission essay. Usually it may vary from the admission essays you have written before such as graduate admission essay or even a college admission essay. Here limited space is provided to avoid unnecessary details. Brainstorming with other students helps by giving you suggestions on how to effectively approach your admission essay.
  • Writing– Just like graduate and college essays, MBA admission essays also need you to portray your character. If you have reached this level you obviously have good grades. Therefore when writing an admission essay, do not over emphasize your grades because you may come off as an overachiever. The admission board seeks to evaluate your qualities as an individual. This can only be achieved when you show your personality in your essay. Cliché words should be avoided at all costs. They tend to take up too much space which you do not have.
  • Revising– Revising your admission essay is good. It shows that you pay attention to details, have checked grammatical errors, punctuation and sentence structure. Ivy League admission boards often state that the best MBA admission essays from current students are those that the student felt strongly about. In some cases the writer may be carried away. Make sure you go over your work when you are done and do not forget to request someone else to have a look at your essay as well. They may detect errors you wouldn’t otherwise have seen before.

Generally before you write an MBA admission essay, you need to know what tips will improve your chances. This is because it may slightly differ from the admission essays you have written before. The need to do research can not be over emphasized. Topics often used in writing an admission essay seek to go deeper and try to find out how a personal experience helped shape the person you are now.





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Turning The College Admission Essay Dread Into A Walk In The Park

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You have graduated from high school and you are very excited to have come this far. It is now time to join college and you have to write your college admission essay and you feel like someone has just passed the death sentence on you. Well the essay need not be a death sentence or something that dampens your spirit. This is a time and an opportunity to prove yourself worthy of joining the college of your dreams. It is this with this in mind that this article is written to guide you through writing a great essay. We will look at tips that will help you write the best essay and assure you of a place at your college of choice.

Tips in how to write a great college admission essay

  • Understand and answer the essay question-Most college admission essay is based on a question. It is common to come across a good question and forget to go through and understand the question. Take time to read the question once or twice reflect on it and understand it before you embark on answering.
  • Be original and be yourself-do not get tempted to use somebody else’s work as your own rather be yourself. It’s good to believe in yourself and in your abilities and this can be achieved by doing prior research. The admission officer need to know you and this is brought out best by presentation of your best work ever.
  • Give a first lasting impression-The introduction is your one and only chance to make a lasting impression that makes or breaks the deal. The introduction is the first part that the admission officer gets to interact with you. You need to write a powerful introduction to your college admission essay to keep the reader glued which in turn gives you positive results.
  • Your body should be aligned to your introduction. Having made an impression in your introduction you need to keep the interest gained to the end of the essay. This can be achieved by writing down on how you plan your essay to flow.
  • The college admission essay is limiting so you have to revise well and be ready to give the best summary in the shortest or least number of words possible. There is a variance in the number of words required but either way ensure you are prepared to give your best in the number of words required.
  • Edit and proofread your work-This is the most important part of writing your essay it gives information on how much you pay attention to detail on the quality of work you present. Proofread your work for grammatical errors or any other kind of errors you may have. You can also seek assistance on editing your work.

The college admission essay can be described as your ticket to higher education hence it should be treated with great attention to ensure you do a good job.




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Tips On Writing Thesis Statements

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The thesis statement can be described as the foundation of your thesis paper. The same way when you have a poor or weak foundation your house is bound to collapse is the same way a poorly written thesis will collapse your paper. How then do you ensure that you write a strong clear thesis statement that will support your thesis statement and propel it to greater heights? Below are tips on areas you should concentrate on to get a perfect thesis paper. The key however is not to follow the crowd but to seek the counsel of your advisor as well as follow your universities guidelines to the letter.

  • The thesis statement should reflect the kind of paper you are writing. There three kinds of thesis papers that need a thesis statement and they are: Argumentative that seeks to define the subject, Analytical that seeks to clearly provide a certain message, Explanatory that seeks to explain a certain issues. Your thesis statement should clearly bring this out.
  • The thesis statement should be on a subject that you know very well and are able to research well upon without getting bored in the middle of the project. Having a topic you are well versed in ensures you can deliver on quality and on the set deadline.
  • When writing thesis statements placement is important and should come in the initial pages of your paper since it acts as a guide and the basis of your paper.
  • When writing thesis statements ensure that when one reads the statement it can reach and conclude when read on its own.
  • Your thesis statement should be current-though you will research on past writings your statement should be what could currently attract the attention of scholars.
  • When writing thesis statements you should ensure your statement is specific and helpful not only to your reader but to your research paper since it forms the foundation of your paper.
  • When writing thesis statements you should ensure it is specific and a summary of your entire thesis paper.
  • The most important part of writing your thesis statement is ensuring you are aligned to your universities requirements as well as your advisors expectation. More often than not students seek opinions of outsiders to write their thesis statement which ends up in wasted time. It is important to consult your advisor and follow your universities guidelines to avoid disappointment.
  • At all cost avoid plagiarism this is the worst and gravest mistake you can make while writing thesis statements. This has very serious consequences and could lead to your expulsion or discontinuation. In some states if you present someone’s work as your own you could be imprisoned. Hence this should be a no go zone for all writing their thesis papers.

Having gone through these tips it is very important to make sure you follow the laid down procedures and requirements in writing thesis statement. It is not a hard process or impossible task but a task that needs commitments and diligence to successfully carry out.



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